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How to join The Higher Bracket?

You need to consider your position in life. The Higher Bracket is a reviewing service contributed to by people who earn a higher than average level of income, who pay a higher than average level of tax and who have higher than average expectations of customer service. The Higher Bracket does not insist on evidence for these assertions from its members but makes this fair assumption based on members’ responses to the following questions:

Do you enjoy a higher than average annual income?

Do you pay a higher than average amount of tax?

Do you expect higher than average standards of customer services?

Do your views and opinions show a higher than average level of discernment?

Do you want your views and opinions heard and respected?

If you consider that your own personal circumstances fit into the parameters as outlined above and if you pay the relevant annual membership fees then the Higher Bracket will (subject to certain exclusions) publish your reviews on its website thereby earning you a share of its Internet derived advertising revenues.

What is the membership fee?

The membership fee is determined and payable annually. It supports the functions of the administration team in their efforts to provide advocacy for members.

Can I write an anonymous review?

You might want to go anonymously in order not to attract attention to your persona and have a quiet holiday, therefore at your request The Higher Bracket can withhold any identifying information when sending notification to a service provider that a member is about to use and review its service.

How do I let a service provider know of my intention to use and review their services?

Tell us the name and email address of the manager of the relevant service provider. Tell us when you are planning to use their service. We will then email the manger advising them of your intention to use and review their service.

How do I write a review ?

Take as many photographs of the service and or accommodation as possible.  Collect as much evidence as possible to support your opinion. Fill in the review template and add any comments you feel are relevant. Submit the form to us and it will be published in The Higher Bracket Magazine. Please note that The Higher Bracket reserves the right to refuse to publish a review which it deems to be either illegal or inflammatory. Such consideration remains entirely within the discretion of The Higher Bracket.

Just remember a few things!

You are acting as an independent professional associate reviewer subcontracted by The Higher Bracket.

Your review must be substantially true.

You must be as specific as possible and as accurate as possible.

You must collect evidence as possible for every assertion that you make in your review.

You cannot submit anything that is illegal or anything that The Higher Bracket deems as inflammatory.

Lastly the important legal bit. For full terms and conditions of membership and legal liabilities refer to your associate agreement. Remember that The Higher Bracket is not legally liable for any matter that arises out of your reviewing activities.

What happens if I fail to pay my annual membership fee?

Your membership fee provides twelve months of membership. When your membership expires The Higher Bracket will notify you of this and invite you to pay the next year’s membership fee and reapply for membership. If you fail to reapply for membership then your membership will be terminated.

Must I submit a review?

Membership of the Higher Bracket is conditional on payment of annual membership fees and the submission of at least two reviews a year, one of much must relate to accommodation, the other of which must relate to non-accommodation ­type services.

Is there a maximum number of reviews that I can submit in any given year?

No! You can submit as many reviews as you see fit.

Must I make a product recommendation?

No! there is no obligation to submit product recommendations for The Higher Bracket Boutique because such is the exclusive nature and quality of the merchandise sold in the Boutique it is not possible to guarantee that a member can find suitable products to recommend. However The Higher Bracket urges its members to constantly be alert to the possibility of encountering suitable merchandise for the Boutique.

Can I make a product recommendation for The Higher Bracket Boutique without becoming

a member of the Higher Bracket?

No! All recommendations for The Higher Bracket Boutique must come from members.

Is there a conflict of interest statement?

Any individual who meets the entry criteria for membership, can, upon payment of the annual membership fee, become a member of The Higher Bracket. Such membership then affords the individual in question the right to submit reviews of any service. However a member may not submit a review of any service within the same industry as that wherein the member works or has worked within the last two years.

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