AirBNB, Milan. Host: Piero. Score 8 out of 10


AirBNB, Milan, Italy. Host: Piero. Score  8 out of 10

Overall score 8 out of 10
8 out of 10
(8 – Very good – commitment to service and attention to detail with only a few immediately rectified minor errors)
AirBNB is not what you expect from hotel – it is private apartment that you hire for a week or month or longer.
This particular apartment was in central Milan, Italy a short stroll from La Scala and City center. host, Piero is a lovely gentleman who was very helpful and hospitable.
The score 8 is given because I got service that I expected. When having an accommodation with AirBNB it is expected that some things will not work, the building may be not new (rather 300 years old) and there is no concierge available at the snap of a finger.
As a member of The Higher Bracket, I do not always require 5 star service. I rather ask to show me respect by giving me what I expect and what I am prepared to pay a certain amount of money.
It was lovely, value for money experience.
Thank you, Piero
Did actual service match expectations?
Do you believe the service provided value for money?
Yes, absolutely

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